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Odelya offers wide varieties of products with desired specific technical specs and dimensions under 3 product lines “Piping Project Materials”, “Tubular Steel Materials” and “Rolled Steel Materials”.

Odelya coordinates only with the groups of manufacturers that meet Odelya’s standards of work ethics, sustainability and quality.

Thanks to years of experience in the sector, transparency and integrity Odelya has developed a global network of reliable business partners and reputable clients around the world.

Immediately after receiving a demand request, Odelya instantly scans its networks of manufacturers in order to find the manufacturing facility which enables the overlap of demanded materials and required customization.
After the completion of supply channels research, Odelya responds to its clients regarding the operational necessities of the subjected project and offers package solutions referred as “Complete Steel Solutions”.

Starting with the raw materials inlet until the delivery of the goods to the final destination, Odelya offers “Complete Project Management” for each step of the action plan for the supply of the steel material.

Since Odelya takes place in each step of the steel supply Odelya is not only in charge and in control of the manufacturing & control processes of goods, but also in the shipment and tracking of transportation.

We invite you to feel the comfort of cooperate with Odelya while we supply the required materials under strict controls made by Odelya’s Quality Team and also under our own “Odelya” labelled brand.

Presented solutions are innovative, flexible and competitive, as the main focus of Odelya is on customer's requirements and excellent quality of products.