Culture has strong and substantial reflections on Odelya’s business and operations. Rather than being designed as stable, it is a projection of Odelians’ continuous and sustained efforts. Our culture was born from the vision of our founder and is spread to the team members and reinforced via recruitment, appreciation& punishment policies, social events and storytelling.

Odelians share seven core dimensions of our corporate culture, which are service orientation, sustainability, collective work, diversification, high attention to details, innovation, and strict obedience to deadlines. Those seven dimensions are linked to each other in a fully coherent and coefficient manner.

The main focus of Odelya is on the requirements of our clients and quality of our products. Hence, service orientation is one of the strongest core dimensions of culture. Providing high-class service with honestly, reliability, quality, and integrity and prioritizing customer satisfaction enables us to serve event in most challenging projects.

Odelya envisions to provide services for international projects requiring steel products whenever and wherever needed. Hence, it is essential for us to build long term relations with both our internal and external stakeholders. Odelya’s project and service-oriented, and quality sensitive business policies are ensured by the sustainability dimension of our culture.

Odelya values each Odelian as a unique talent whose contributions in the overall success of our company are never overlooked. On the other hand, we believe in the importance of collective work and shared culture to avoid potential shortcomings and fulfil our short, medium, and long term objectives. The collective work dimension of our culture provides us with the big picture in every process of our business that we aim at conducting fast, accurately, and cost effectively.

Collective work culture of Odelya is deepened by the diversification dimension of our culture. Odelya is an equal opportunity company. We do not discriminate and take affirmative action measures to ensure against discrimination in employment, recruitment, compensation, promotion, and other conditions of employment against any Odelian or job applicant on the basis of ethnicity, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, or sexual orientation. In Odelya, we believe that differences make us stronger in a continuously developing global business network.

Perfection and sustainability in service and quality also means that Odelians pay utmost attention to details. Odelya assures that each single detail is mutually pre-agreed before, during, and even after the completion of a project. That is, high attention to details is an inevitable and critical dimension of our culture.

Sustainability and service orientation also necessitates strict obedience to deadlines. Odelya’s culture is designed and reinforced to respond and meet customer requirements in a timely and detailed manner. Odelya owes greatly to this core dimension of our culture in gaining our global reputation as a reliable business partner.

Operating in a rapidly and continuously changing industry obliges that Odelya does not only adapt to changes but also bring novelties. In Odelya, we encourage innovation, flexibility, and freedom of expression. Since we always thrive for perfection in quality assurance and control, and service and project management innovativeness is one of the core dimension of our culture.