In the first quarter of 2016, Odelya reconfigured Human Resources Department and renamed it as ‘People & Talent’ Department, after our unique ‘talented people’, ‘Odelians’. As Odelya’s People & Talent Department, we value Odelians’ achievements. Since ‘talent management’ is irreplaceable for the Odelian team the Department offers ‘tailor made’ career plans for each member. We highlight best performance of Odelians and believe in continuous progress.

Odelya strengthens motivation level of Odelians by ‘appreciation programmes’. We are conscious of the importance of recognizing success and we give ‘timely’ and ‘future focused’ feedbacks regularly by our ‘performance evaluation system’.

In Odelya, it is essential for us to form long term relationships with our team members. Thus, we offer cross training options and opportunities for Odelians to polish their existing skills and to gain new ones required in a multi-tasking business environment. Not only ‘talent management’ but also ‘talent acquisition’ is a fundamental function that ‘People & Talent’ Department guide and lead.

Organizational Structure

Odelya’s horizontally hierarchical organization structure is designed according to our collective work culture, freedom of expression principle, and the opportunity to participate in managerial activities for every Odelian. Odelya’s ‘Sales and Operations,’ ‘Regional Sales (MENA),’ and ‘Finance & Accounting’ Departments are at the core of our organization, while our ‘Marketing’ Department presents integrated marketing communications competency to our processes. Administrative Affairs Department is responsible from some of Odelya’s vital functions such as event and facility management. Our QA/ QC Department assures quality of production, testing, shipment, and process development.