Odelya International Steel

Steel Angles (Equal & Unequal) (L)

Steel Angles are carbon steel products rolled from steel plates and transformed into different sizes and dimensions. Steel Angles are also referred as “(L)-shaped steel legs”.

Steel Angles have two edges. And if the length of both edges are the same then they are called “Equal Angles”. If length of the edges are not identical they it is referred as “Unequal Angles”.

Odelya offers wide variety of options for Steel Angles (L-shaped Steel Legs) with different size and shapes also with different color and coating.

Product Range

Equal Angles (20 - 250 mm)

Size: In various dimensions starting from 20 x 20 x 3 mm up to 160 x 160 x 13 mm
Length: Specifiable up to 12 m
Quality: In various internationally well-known standards including AFNOR(NF), AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, EURONORM, GOST, JIS, ISO, SAE, SI, TS, UNI, etc. (Eg. ST 37.2 or ST 44.2 DIN 17100, ASTM A 36, ASTM A 572, JIS G 3101, BS 4360, 3 SP/PS GOST 380-88, etc.)
Tolerances: As per DIN 1028, EURONORM 56, TS 908 or equivalents.

Unequal Leg Angles

Size: from 100 x 65 x 7 to 200 x 150 x 18 mm
Unequal: 120 x 80 x 8 – 200 x 100 x 14 mm
Length: 12 m
Standard: DIN, EN
Quality: S 235 JR (SR37) / S 275 JR (ST 44) / S 355 JR (ST 52).