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ERW Water & Gas Pipes

Odelya® ERW Water and Gas carbon steel pipes are used in civil and industrial installations for water and gas distribution applications. 

Odelya® High Frequency Electric Welded Pipes are manufactured by cold-forming a steel sheet into a cylin- drical shape. The manufacturing process of Odelya® ERW tubes uses high frequency alternating current, which assures a higher quality weld. 

Due to high durability against  seam corrosion, hook cracks and strong seam bonding, demand for ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) steel tubing in fluid and gas conveyance applications has been increased by years. Odelya® offers  wide range of environment-friendly products with superior proper-ties for safe and healthy consumer usage to meet the global demand. 

Odelya® ERW Water & Gas Conveyance Tubes vary on their material types, surface conditions, processing types and are available as: carbon or stain- less, black (self-colour), surface-coated, galvanized, threaded and coupled, plain or bevelled end…

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Odelya® ERW Water & Gas Pipes are ideal for transmission of liquids and natural gas, air and non- aggressive gases. Moreover, Odelya® welded steel pipes are used in: plumbing, water supply and treatment, gas distribution, fire extinguisher systems, air-conditioning systems, irritation, heating equipment, white goods, sprinkler systems, compressed air distribution.


Surface Conditions

Black self-colored (uncoated), protective oil / black varnish, hot dip galvanized (zinc coating), primer coating, epoxy coating, polyethylene coating.


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Outside Diameter
Ø17,1 mm – Ø 610 mm (0,675 inch – 24 inch )
Wall Thickness
1,4 mm – 12,7 mm (0,055 – 0,500 inch)
Standard length is 6 meters. (From 2 meters to 13 meters, on request) Tolerances may vary according to standards. Please contact us to get full clarification.


EN 10255, ISO 65
EN 10224
L235, L275, L355
EN 10217-1
P195TR1, P195TR2, P235TR1, P235TR2, P265TR1, P265TR2
DIN 17100 / DIN 1626
St 33, St 37, St 44, St 52
Grade A, B
ASTM A 589
Grade A, B
ASTM A 795
Grade A, B
BS 3601
Gr 430
SI 103
S 332, S 414


Notice: Please contact our experienced sales team in order to get full clarification for other production norms and material quality unlisted in this page.
Galvanizing Standards
EN 10240 (UNI 5745), DIN 2444, EN ISO 1461 (BS 729), ASTM A 90, SI 918.
Threading and Coupling Standards
ISO 7/1, DIN 2986, DIN 2999, BS 21, BS EN 10226-1, ANSI B1 20.1, EN10255, SI 50.3 ASTM A 53
Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings: EN 10241

Finishing Operations (Pipe End)
Plain – square end, bevelled end, threaded and coupled, grooved pipes


Hydrostatic Test
Testing of leakage in the welded areas by high pressure water applies according to further application and requirements (Leak Tightness).
Non-Destructive Tests
Eddy Current Test: Detection of the defects on the surface and testing quality of the weld and the material using electromagnetic device.
Ultrasonic Test: Automatic ultrasonic rotary plant precisely detects possible defects in the weld zone.

Visual & Dimensional Inspections
Accurate information about dimensions and quality of tubes is provided using tape, caliper, ultrasonic device, gauge and cord.
Chemical Analysis
Spectral analysis of the chemical composition
Mechanical & Technologıcal Properties
Tensile test, flattening test, bending test, impact test, drift expansion test, fracture toughness test
Metallographic Examination
Revealing the structure of metals and their alloys with light optical or scanning electron microscope
Surface Coating Tests (for coated pipes)
Coated ERW Steel Pipes are also tested to assure optimum impact resistance, peeling power, coating elongation, indentation hardness, adherence quality, bond strength, coating resistivity, film thickness etc., which are applicable according to the requirements of related standards and upon request.