Odelya International Steel


Guardrails are globally used materials to protect drivers and passengers from obstacles near roads and also protects pedestrians and premises from vehicles.

Guardrails are found very frequently next to:

  • • Autobahns
  • • Urban streets and roads
  • • Bridges
  • • Bends
  • • Roundabouts
  • • Highway booths etc.

Guardrails can be named as the first security preventive tool for road side safety applications furthermore it is easy to apply and convenient by low costs.

Odelya® puts all the effort in supplying the most suitable materials for its clients’ project and also aware of the vital importance of the guardrails in daily life of societies world-wide.


Rail Length: 4300 mm – 4320 mm
Post Length: 495 mm – 2400 mm
Interval between Posts: 1,33 m – 4,00 m
Corrosion Protection: Hot Dip Galvanizing