Odelya International Steel

Pre-insulated Steel Pipes for District Heating & Cooling

Odelya provides wide range of high quality Pre-insulated Piping Systems, which are used to prevent heat trans- mission between transported product and surrounding environment. As geothermal pipes consist of three main components, steel pipe, polyurethane foam and outer layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE), excellent mechani- cal properties and protection of piping system  is  reassured.

There are many advantages of using pipeline with heat insulation in district heating or cooling systems, solar energy industries, biomass, geothermal heating, etc., even in the hardest environmental conditions.  Thus,  Odelya®   Pre-insulated tubing creates economical and modern solutions for each project and its environment, meeting requirements of coldest or hottest operating conditions.

Odelya®   Pre-insulated Steel Tubes are carefully manufactured according to the strict requirements of production standard’s specifications, thus, long-term operation life is assured (min 30 years for some temperatures). Moreover, Polyurethane Foam (PUF), which is used in Odelya® geothermal piping systems, is an optimum insulation material. Due to its porosity and consistency, PUF mini- mizes heat loses.

Furthermore, reduced cost of maintenance and using compensators, make Odelya® Distinct Heating / Cooling systems cost-efficient and reliable in many aspects. As HDPE outer layer creates water-proof protection, the line pipe is protected against corrosion, cathodic disbondance, impact, chemical reactions and other environmental factors. In addition, high quality of Odelya® Pre-insulated pipes and fittings provide equally distributed and optimal heat isolation at every point of piping network.


Odelya®  Pipes in Pipe Insulation have operating temperature from -200˚C to +315˚C and are used in many industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Due to their cost-efficient and energy saving properties, Odelya® Pre-insulated pipes are ideal for district heating / cooling systems, greenhouse heating, cogeneration or cooling plants, potable water conveyance, drainage or waste water systems, corrosive chemical pipes, geothermal water pipes, agricultural applications, chilled water mains and oil, steam, gas and marine industries, etc. 

District Heating or Cooling Networks 

Odelya® Local Heating and Cooling Systems create modern, reliable and safe solutions, which are economical and easy-to-install even in the most difficult local conditions. Regional transportation of variable hot or cold liquids is efficient as used pre-insulated pipes are flexible and can be maintained quickly and easily around corners and obstacles of building structures. Odelya’s practical solutions in distinct heating and cooling networks are ideal in hotel complexes, swimming pools, private houses, multi storage buildings and industrial facilities, as the liquid temperature inside the pipeline remains stable.

Marine industry 

Odelya®  Pre-insulated Pipes are widely used in marine industry, as its protective properties and tem- perature stabilization are ideal solution in the environment, where steel tubes are exposed to air, wind, seawater and changing outside temperatures. Consequently, Odelya®  pre-insulated steel pipes for carrying gas or fluids in marine industry are specially designed according to each application and environ-mental conditions.


For industrial applications Odelya®  Pre-insulated Pipes basically consist of four materials. Besides to the bearing steel pipe, polyurethane foam (PUF) and HDPE layer, there is also a middle isolation layer of glass wool to provide better performance in industrial projects. Operating temperature: -120˚C to +350˚C.

Petrol and Gas 

Odelya®  Pre-insulated Pipes for petrol and gas projects are carefully selected in terms of raw materials and applied quality tests as generally there are severe conditions in terms of temperature (up to -200˚C) and pressure. Therefore, Odelya®  pre-insulated tubes are efficient, durable and easy to main- tain in pipe systems for conveyance crude oil and liquefied gases (LHG, LEG, LPG, etc.).

Pre-Insulated Bonded Pipes

Production Standard: EN 253

Nominal Diameter (service pipe): 15 - 1200 mm

Length: 6 m standard, can be supplied 8 - 12 m

TS EN 448 Pre-insulated Bonded fittings

Pre-Insulated T-Fittings:

straight T-pieces, Parallel T-pieces and T-pieces of 45˚branch

Production Standard: EN 448

Nominal Diameter (service pipe): 20 – 1200 mm

Length: L1 1000 – 2500 mm; L2 1000 – 2000 mm

Pre-Insulated Elbows 45˚and 90˚

Production Standard: EN 448

Nominal Diameter (service pipe): 25 – 1200 mm

Length: 1000 – 2000 mm (other lengths up on request)

Pre-Insulated Reducers

Production Standard: EN 448

Nominal Diameter (service pipe): 25 – 1200 mm

Length: 1500 mm

Pre-Insulated Anchors

Production Standard: EN 448

Nominal Diameter (service pipe): 20 – 1200 mm Length: 2000 – 2500 mm

Pre-insulated Expansion Joints

Nominal Diameter (service pipe): 40 – 800 mm

Main Components

Carrying Pipe (Service Pipe/Main Pipe)

The inner carrying pipe or “service pipe” of Odelya® Pre-Insulated Pipes is generally a welded steel pipe (ERW or SAW, SSAW), which is manufactured according to further application conditions, operation temperatures and the product to be transferred. Moreover, Odelya® service pipes are produced accord- ing to the related international standards, such as ASTM A 53, ASTM A 106, API 5L and as a requirement for pre-insulated tubing, the bearing tubes must be in accordance to EN 253 quality standard. Respectively, steel tubes produced for Odelya® Pre-Insulated Pipes are mainly in steel grade St 37 with wall thicknesses: standard weight, schedule 40 or extra strong

Glass / Mineral Wool

In industrial usage of Odelya® Pre-Insulated Pipes as a middle isolation layer between carrying pipe and polyurethane foam glass or mineral wool layer is used. This isolation layer is used for excellent performance of industrial type of pre-Insulated pipes, which is aluminum foiled and fire resistance with density of 110 – 140 kg/m3.

Polyurethane Foam (PUF)

The middle layer of Odelya® Pre-insulated pipes is an isolation material - Polyurethane foam with porous structure, which prevents heat loss and, on the other hand, maintains temperatures in cold environments, preventing freezing. Due to its good flow ability, adhesion, strength and flexibility, PUR isolation foam perfectly fills the gap between bearing pipe and extruded HDPE casing, with minimum percentage of bubbles or voids.

For industrial or standard application of Odelya® Pre-insulated Pipes, rigid plastic insulation (polyurethane) is used with density > 60 kg/m3. Furthermore, Odelya® Pre-insulated Tubes are available at three insulation types: low temperature (LT) -200˚C to +120˚C, normal temperature (NT) -60˚C to +140˚C and high temperature (HT) +140˚C to +315˚C.

High Density Polyethylene Casing Pipe (HDPE)

High Density Polyethylene outer covering pipe is an ideal protective layer of Odelya® Pre-insulated Pipes, which is impact resistant, water resistant, salt and chemical resistant. Additionally, extruded HDPE black or white casing is UV resistant with high strength for long-term field operation. Odelya® Standard and Industrial Pre-insulated Pipes are covered with extruded polyethylene resin of high density > 940 kg/m3, protecting the insulation layer from environmental conditions