Odelya International Steel

Precision Steel Tubes

Odelya® ERW Precision Steel tubes are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and shapes (circular, square, rectangular, oval and special shapes). 

Excellent mechanical properties, mini- mized tolerances and high strength of Odelya® Welded Precision Tubes, exceed customer’s expectations. 

Odelya® Precision  Tubular  solutions create possibilities to produce your own product for any type of application by choosing the best steel grades and production norms. Moreover, reliable and fast-customized solutions give an opportunity to select strength, formability, weldability, surface quality, required type of coating, material options, and tensile values with dimensional accuracy. 

The manufacturing process of Odelya® ERW steel tubes uses high frequency alternating current, which assures a superior quality weld for higher ductility. Sophisticated cutting, deburring and testing processes are applied for Odelya® HFW Precision Tubes to meet the special requirements. 

Odelya® ERW Precision Tubes vary on their material types, surface conditions, processing types, and are available as: carbon or stainless, black (self-colour), galvanized, surface-coated, plain or bevelled end…


Automotive industry (safety and reinforcement structures, etc.), mechanical engineering, hydraulic cylinders, furniture, tools, steel goods, household appliances, fitness equipment, sports and leisure equipment, textile machinery industries, heating systems, power generation, engineering workshop products, fencing and pack- aging industries.

Surface Conditions

According to the requirements of the application, Odelya® Precision Tubes can be manufactured as, black, cold rolled, hot rolled pickled steel with chosen protective coatings (galfan coating or galvanizing: zinc coated). In order to protect the precision tubes from corrosion during storage and transportation, the surface is lightly oiled (by the request the surface may remain dry).


Outside Diameter for Circular Tubes:
10 – 406,4 mm (0,39 – 16 inch)
Dimensions of Square Tubes:
10 x 10 – 400 x 400 (0,39 x 0,39 – 15,75 inch)
Dimensions of Rectangular Tubes:
10 x 15 – 300 x 400 (0,39 x 0,59 – 11,81 x 15,75 inch)
Wall Thickness:
0,5 mm – 12,5 mm (0,020 – 0,49 inch)
6 m (standard). According to the requests, length may vary between 4 and 12 meters.
Outside diameter and other dimensional tolerances depend on sizes and production standards. Contact us for details.


EN 10305
E 155, E 195, E 235, E 275,
E 355 ASTM A 500
A, B, C
ASTM A 513
EN 10219-2
Non-alloy: S235JRH, S275J0H, S275J2H, S355J0H, S355J2H, S355K2H; Fain grain steels: S275NH, S275NLH, S355NH, S355NLH, S460NH, S460NLH
Delivery Conditions
Cold formed, hot formed, cold drawn (hard and soft), cold drawn and stress relieved, with or without subse- quent heat treatment, welded and cold sized, normalized, annealed, drawn over a mandrel (DOM), special smooth inside diameter (S.S.I.D.), as-welded and sink-drawn, cut-to-length.


EN 10305-2 (BS 6323-6, DIN 2393-(2), NFA 49-341, UNI 7946)

EN 10305-3 (BS 6323-5,6; DIN 2394-(2), UNI 7947)

EN 10305-5 (BS 6323-5)


Non-Destructive Tests (Type TC2 mandatory)

Eddy Current Test: Detection of the defects on the surface and testing quality of the weld and the material using electromagnetic device.

Ultrasonic Test: Automatic ultrasonic rotary plant precisely detects possible defects in the weld zone.

Visual & Dimensional Inspections
Accurate information about dimensions and quality of tubes can be provided using tape, caliper, ultrasonic device, gauge and cord.

Chemical Analyses
Spectral analysis of the chemical composition

Mechanical & Technological Properties Tests
Tensile test, flattening test, flaring test, drift expansion, surface roughness test, impact test.

Hydrostatic Test (Leak Tightness)
Testing of leakage in the welded areas by high pressure water applies according to further application and requirements (for round steel tubes). Note: Applied tests vary according to the related standard and application. Please refer to page 52 for more details about our Quality Assurance Policies.