Odelya International Steel

Odelya® AWWA C200 Steel Water Pipes

Odelya® AWWA C200 Spiral Welded Pipelines are manufactured with outside diameter starting from 6 inches (150 mm) and larger for transportation and distribution of water or for applications in other water conveyance systems.

Steel grades, used for Water Pipelines, are equivalent to those used in ASTM A135, ASTM A139, ASTM A53 type F and ASTM A134 (Table 1 in standard specifications). Ends of Odelya® AWWA C200 Pipes sections are specified by purchaser and can be selected as plain end, beveled end, coupled, buttwelded, bell-end-spigot end, flanged end, etc.

Quality requirements of AWWA C200 standard specifications are applied, reassuring high quality of entire steel pipe and its long-term operating in water systems.