Forming reliable foundations are vitally important for creating sustainable and durable structures based on Odelya’s knowledge and past experiences on earlier and ongoing projects.
Odelya offers most suitable Submerged Arc Welded (Spiral/Helical) Pipes with respect to the technical requirements of the concerning project in order to form durable structures.

Odelya® provides a wide range of tubular sections and H-sections for piling purposes along with its accessories, such as piling sheets and interlocking sections with dedication to “Complete Steel Solutions” service. Odelya® Piling Pipes are widely used to support great weight of structures, where soil retention is required.

As Odelya® Steel Products for piling purposes are manufactured according to exact application and environmental conditions under precise controls implemented by Odelya Quality Team. Odelya branded products, which are categorized under Piping Project Materials (PPM) product line, offers durability and efficiency in the long run.

As Odelya® Piling Pipes are supplied in variety of sized and lengths, they are mainly used in buildings foundations and in roads, railway or harbor construction.