Pipeline (Water, Oil, Gas)

Water, oil, and gas are the very essentials not only for industrial applications but also for the daily life of societies.

Odelya is very sensitive about societies, environment and its clients in energy sector. Regardless of purpose water, oil and gas conveyance is a very serious and vital operation. Odelya® supplies superior quality and high performance steel products for offshore and onshore applications in energy sector in even most challenging markets and environments. Our international experience in supplying steel pipes for oil and gas conveyance projects gives us confidence in providing optimized, reliable and cost-efficient solutions for every special project.

Odelya® branded SSAW and ERW Steel Pipes, and Pre-insulated Pipes are ideal for onshore and offshore gas or petrochemical products transmission. Odelya® specializes in supplying of high quality Large Diameter Pipes with its ‘Piping Project Materials’ production line. Manufacturing processes of Line Pipes and Piling Pipes are monitored by Odelya Quality Team and all products are tested in accordance with strict Odelya Quality policies. Odelya® Project- Oriented Big Diameter Pipes always show excellent performance in long-term operations.

Odelya’s ‘Piping Project Materials’ are supplied with connecting joints and fittings, and also high quality protective coatings in full compliance with the specific requirements of each project since Odelya always offers “Complete Steel Solutions.”