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Odelya® EN 10219 SAW Circular Structural Hollow Sections

Odelya® EN 10219 Cold Formed Submerged Arc Steel Pipes are manufactured without a subsequent heat treatment, but the weld seam may be "as welded" or "heat treaded condition". Technical delivery conditions of these SSAW and LSAW non-alloy and fine grain steel pipes are according to European Standard EN 10219-1; precise tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties are supplied according to EN 10219-2.

Odelya® EN 10219 SAW Steel Pipes are supplied up to 2500 mm in outside diameter with wall thickness up to 40 mm. Odelya® SAW Line Pipes are manufactured up to 3566 mm (140 inch), for details, please, contact Odelya sales team.

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Application Field

High strength combined with superior mechanical properties make Odelya® EN 10219 SAW Round Hollow Sections and Piling Pipes suitable in many industries, such as construction, general engineering, where close tolerances and good quality are the main requirement.

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