To avoid "no-return" damages to the supply project, the risks should be estimated so carefully and characterized in detail.

The importance of such quality-based approach make a comprehensive quality management compulsory, not only for the production but also for the loading and shipment. Specifically determining the most appropriate production plan, inspiring our manufacturer partners to innovation and common senses for caring about the quality are among Odelya’s value added services.

Odelya’s Quality Assurance / Quality Control Team

Before starting the production, reaching to a multilateral agreement is required for a smooth production and loading. Therefore, each single detail of the production and testing phases, from raw material inlet point to the loading to the transportation vehicles is negotiated by the parties. In no way, the production starts unless all parties are fully satisfied with the stipulated inspection test plan. At the center of these negotiations, thanks to our experience in various projects and technical knowledge in the area of steel pipe technologies, we are so ready to puzzle over the whole plan and offer the most proper solutions.

Spotlights about Odelya’s ‘Quality Assurance / Quality Control Department’:

+ Directed by an senior executive (titled as ‘Senior QA/QC Manager’), with more than 30 years of experience in steel industry

+ Fully quality-oriented team

+ Responsible not only for Quality Controls during the shipment; a comprehensive responsibility area focusing on technical matters affecting the ‘quality’ of each project; starting from the ‘offering phase’ to ‘shipment’!

+ A bright ‘spotlight’ not only on the production and testing, but also in a comprehensive, integral and holistic approach, including ‘shipments’, ‘documentation’, ‘process development’, ‘qualification’.

+ Developed strict quality control cross-checks, procedures and quality documentation in addition to the conventional techniques. We appoint worldwide-known independent inspection companies (Third Party Inspection -TPI) companies to inspect the quality of material, production and loading steps in case of any undesirable incidents relating any step of production and shipment.


Our sense of perfection continues even after years of usage of our steel materials in the applications. Our own clients’ satisfaction is not always enough for us. Any feedback about Odelya brand products (even the feedbacks from the clients’ of our own clients’, in a chain of effect) matters a lot for us. ‘Full compliance to the related standards’ does not close the doors of our responsibility.

In this respect, Odelya’s related executives and other team members of Odelya’s QA/QC Department visit the application / working field, to provide direct assistance to the process on site, and to exchange the feedbacks, experiences with our clients’ technical people.


Odelya welcomes any of our clients’ technical people to visit production sites and stock areas. In this program, our clients will be able to observe each step of production and quality controls, with their own eyes ‘how the things go’!

+ We call it ‘How Things Go’ program, through which the share of know-how and mutual share of experience prevails.

+ This program includes: witnessing each step of production and quality controls, participating a series of meetings and seminars where practical hints (weldings, handling of steel materials etc.) are presented...

+ Sharing the experiences, getting very precious feedbacks from our customers, understanding the ‘real’ and ‘practical’ needs of various industries and analysing the obstacles encountered in the application etc.

+ Sharing common interests and technical know-how also one of the attractive points that our clients can get the precious benefits of choosing Odelya.

The importance of such quality-based approach make a comprehensive quality management compulsory, not only for the production but also for the loading and shipment