Where Steel Matters

Where Steel Matters

Odelya creates new and sustainable solutions for every sphere of life where steel products play essential role. Wide range of high quality products is presented with 'Piping Project Materials', 'Tubular Steel Materials' and 'Rolled Steel Materials' product lines. Odelya Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Products are beneficial and effective, since manufacturing process and quality tests are under precise control from the beginning of production until delivery to the destination point. Moreover, surface conditions of Odelya Steel Products are available as galvanized, coated, oiled, pre-painted or bare.

Dedicated to perfection with respect to years of experience in the sector, Odelya knows “Where Steel Matters” the most and is well aware of the importance of its value added “Complete Steel Solutions” services.

Reliable Engineering Solutions

Odelya offers high strength with superior quality Tubular, Long and Flat steel products for many applications, such as in-building steel structures and applications. Odelya® Structural Hollow Sections, Precision Tubes, Steel Sections, Angles, Sheet, Plates, etc., are manufactured according to international standards and with minimum tolerances, thus, the installation is easy and maximum performance is achieved. Consequently, Odelya® Steel Products are ideal for variety of engineering applications, showing high performance and efficiency.

Innovations for Better Life

Odelya® Tubular, Flat & Long Steel Products with its excellent properties are widely used for furniture, vehicles and bicycles, hardware tools, medical equipment, white goods, electric and electronic industries, etc. Odelya's experience and wide possibilities allow creating new and specialized customized solutions for each specific requirement and application. As raw materials and manufacturing process are selected properly for each product, high strength and lighter weight result in long-term performance.

Safe and Efficient

In automobile industry Odelya® Flat, Long and Tubular Steel Products are presented with variety of sizes and shapes with minimum tolerances, as precise dimensions are essential for final product. Odelya® Precision Tubes are ideal for automobile production and mechanical applications, since the tubes perfectly suit in applied area, guarantying higher performance.

Additionally, Odelya® Steel Products for automobile sector with superior properties and higher yield strength make a car lighter and safer, increasing its speed and reducing fuel consumption. Corrosion and impact resistant coatings, along with hot dip galvanizing and other required treatments, are also applied on Odelya® Steel Products for mechanical applications.

Strength and Outstanding Properties

Machinery engineering requires specialized products with excellent mechanical and technological properties for higher performance in longer life time. Odelya with its wide range of tubular, long and flat steel products provides reliable and efficient steel materials used for tool steels, special steels and other products in machinery engineering.

Where Steel Matters